Body Language Tips article is about 7 tricks that you can start using right away. There is no excuse for not knowing them!

The 7 Body Language Tips are:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. The Handshake
  3. Listening Skills
  4. The Genuine Smile
  5. Crossed Arms
  6. Building Rapport
  7. How To Be Confident

I’m sure that you will find them extremely useful in both business and social interactions.


Body Language Tips - Eye Contact

Body Language Tips #1 – Eye Contact

The first body language tip is also one of the most important ones…

Use your eyes as a weapon to enhance your communication skills. When you maintain eye contact with your interlocutor you show them that you are a strong, confident, thoughtful and trustworthy person. This will evoke the feeling of respect and affection and people will feel relaxed in your company. Once this happens, they will open up and become verbally expressive. And this will cement the way to a fruitful relationship.

However, you should remember one very important thing. Do not stare fixedly at them throughout the whole encounter because they would feel intimidated and retreat into their nests. Maintain eye contact, but not all the time. Allow your eyes to stray from time to time to different geographical regions of their face.

Body Language Tips - The Handshake

Body Language Tips #2 – The Handshake

Shaking hands is a good way to emotionally connect to most people. The mere fact that you touch someone’s hand creates chemistry between people during the interaction. People will derive more pleasure from the conversation. They are more hospitable and cooperative and will surely find it easier to remember you.

However, for all of this to happen you need to use a proper handshake. Your hand must be in a vertical position for the handshake and you should inject enough strength and energy into it.

Body Language Tips - Listening Skills

Body Language Tips #3 – Listening Skills

Listen attentively to your conversation party and try to retain as much information as possible because you may need it in the future. Show them that you are listening by maintaining eye contact. Your head and body must be facing your interlocutor. Never turn your body away from the person speaking to you as this would be a sign that you have excluded them from the conversation. Nod and tilt your head to show your true engagement.

Remember, people like talking about themselves and they would be grateful if they found someone who was truly paying attention. As Dale Carnegie said:

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

So start working on your listening skills today.


Body Language Tips #4 – The Genuine Smile

We all know that when people are happy or in good company they unconsciously smile and the smile is more genuine. This means that the genuine smile is an eloquent reflection of our feelings. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to play a trick on your brain?

Learn to smile consciously and this in itself would enhance your feeling of well-being and self-confidence. People will be attracted to you because you are non-verbally communicating to them that you are virtuous, agreeable and willing to cooperate.

Remember that a fake smile will result in a completely different outcome…


Body Language Tips #5 – Crossed Arms

Do not fold your arms during the conversation as this projects negativity, malcontent, discomfort, shyness or insecurity. The crossed arms are actually serving as a barrier between you and the other participants. Once there is a physical obstacle, it will be difficult to collaborate effectively with others.

Some people use a subtler barrier by shifting one arm across the body to hold the other arm. They may use both hands to hold their coffee cups or bags or other objects. And we know that these objects are too light to require involvement of both hands. Regardless of how subtle these gestures are, they may be subconsciously picked up by others and have a detrimental effect on the outcome of your interaction.

Body Language Tips - Building Rapport

Body Language Tips #6 – Building Rapport

Build rapport by emulating people’s body language. Maintain eye contact, adopt their posture, gestures and tone of voice. Lean forward or back when they do so. Accommodate whenever they raise or lower their voice. Reach for your coffee and take a sip whenever they do so. This will show that you are in agreement with them and will pave the way to a better relationship.

Remember, you like people who look and behave like you. However, do not exaggerate and do not be too ostentatious as they would believe you were mocking them and the conversation exchange would die before it was born.

Body Language Tip - How To Be Confident

Body Language Tips #7 – How To Be Confident

Learn to stand straight and walk with your shoulder thrown back and your head held high. Inject a dose of fresh energy into your limbs to make you move with an intention.

Remember, if you look confident, you feel confident and you will most likely get what you came for. You will draw people’s attention and win their admiration. This in turn will boost your low self-esteem.

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